Present digital files to your client in a way that differentiates your business!  Alkit offers this exclusive line of custom-engraved, custom-packaged USB Flash-Drives at extremely affordable prices.

Alkit helps me differentiate my studio with amazing products such as their Customized Photo Flash Drives. I now provide these to my clients instead of how I used to, (using a DVD and a Sharpie!)
— Thomas Paul, Photographer.

You can order USB Flash Drives invidually customized with your studio-logo, in addition to the event information on the opposite side, i.e. "Bride & Groom's name, date & location". In addition to image files, web-links can be included on the Photo Flash Drive to automatically direct your client back to your website or an online photo gallery for additional print orders! We offer a range of capacities from 4GB to 32GB.

Custom Wood Flash Drives

Capacity Price
4GB $14.74
8GB $20.74
16GB $29.74
32GB $52.49
64GB $74.99

Custom Mix & Match Swivel Drives

Capacity Price
4GB $12.74
8GB $18.74
16GB $27.74
32GB $44.49
64GB $74.99

Flash Drive Packaging