Sell more with a Smart Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart has been designed to make the shopping process easy for your customers. With multiple ways to sell, you can sell before picture day with pre-orders or pre-payments. Once the photos are online, maximize your proofing and re-order sales. Promote featured products in your shopping cart and respond to customer actions with behavioral campaigns to drive more sales.

Send personalized and targeted Marketing

Tackle shopping cart abandonment. Deploy emails within hours of a shopping cart abandonment to recover the sale before it is too late. Increase the potential of a sale with messaging that is relevant to your customer. Send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Automate and streamline job maintenance

Schedule jobs to automatically transition from a pre-payment stage to proofing and re-order without having to lift a finger. Increase your prices for late season re-orders or offer alternate shipping options before the holidays to guarantee delivery. Simple and easy job setup using job templates also eliminates wasted time repeating the same setup for each job.

Integrated with Alkit Systems

Photolynx ImageMatch, FLOW and PLIC. Export order and subject data directly out of Fotomerchant HV and import it into ImageMatch and FLOW. Create jobs automatically with PLIC. Fotomerchant HV will automatically import all of your Subject data for your jobs.