To My HugPress Dear Friends & Customers,

As you know, HugPress is closing. I have made arrangements with Steven & David Buchbinder of Alkit ProLab to assist you with all of your photography needs. Steven & David's personal caring for their customers parallels HugPress & Bullock Professional philosophies - true personal service and the highest standards of pro-lab quality.  I'm confident our friends at Alkit are devoted to giving you their very best as we have over the last 31 years.

And now, a very heartfelt farewell to an industry I've given nearly 50 years to.  I truly wish each and everyone of you,

All the best,

~don bullock

School & Sports

Professional printing for the volume photographer. Alkit provides world class printing, robust software, and the customer support you need to guarantee success in the school and sports market.

School & Sports Services

Wedding & Portrait

Our photographic prints are considered the finest photo printing available.  We have taken the digital process to a fine art medium.  Our state-of-the-art printers produce high quality color, metallic, canvas and B&W prints.  Utilizing high-output RGB lasers, digital files are exposed directly onto photographic materials at high resolution.

Wedding & Portrait Services 

Software Solutions


We provide and support multiple software solutions to speed workflow for the professional photographer.  Our software runs on both Mac and PC, and provides digital solutions with access to our broad array of products and services.  All of of software is supported by our internal staff.

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