ATTENTION: As of July 26, 2017, Kodak has announced it is SUSPENDING support for KC2. Alkit will provide training and support indefinitely!!

Make Print + Digital Profitable

KC2 Software focuses on combining the versatility of digital files with the beauty and longevity of printed products. It’s an easy, smart, end-to-end system for you and your clients from sales to fulfillment. And you can download KC2 Software from us now and take it for a test drive.



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Offer exactly what today's clients want: digital + print

KC2 provides a “virtual way” to make suggestions and offer personalized advice, just as if you were there in person. You can guide clients though the purchase process, showing them how to safeguard their important memories. Sell both print and digital products - so your clients can have the digital files to share, and the printed memories you've so beautifully captured to relive and preserve.

KC2 Album Intelligence turns hundreds of images into smart, stylish albums – Intelligently. Beautifully. Automatically.

KC2 uses artificial intelligence to identify and sort images intuitively and then produce album designs that truly impress clients. It empowers you to create and sell more with less hands-on involvement, by slashing sorting and organizing time significantly, and then lets you review and customize each album with personal, perfecting touches.


Organize projects, orders, and images with ease

Create projects for jobs or clients and organize images within each one. Then place multiple orders with us from any project, including custom products.



Access all of our catalogs

Everything we offer is available online through ONE streamlined process. No need to place multiple orders!



Get your own branded, customized storefront

Let clients order digital+ print products, individually and in collections. Price exactly as you like. No need to create your own e-commerce solution, it's here for you and we only get paid when you get paid.
No other fees at all.

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PayPal Setup

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Keepsakes Collections and Creations Software (KC2) uses PayPal Adaptive Payments for
ecommerce. This service does not have a monthly fee, but there is a fee per order. The fee is a combination of a
fixed transaction processing charge and a percentage of the total transaction amount. The lab pays the fees for
orders that photographers place in KC2. The photographer pays the fees for orders that consumers place in the
KC2 Storefront. Click on this link for instructions on how to set up PayPal for use with KC2.

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Get all these benefits and more with KC2 today.