Alkit offers and supports multiple Online Hosting Solutions to suit your individual needs. Consider us to be an extension of your business. Let us help you to market your events online, and have the power of the internet make money for you 24/7.

Whether you shoot weddings, portraits, seniors, underclass, or events, people want to see and share your images. Having the right online presence is so important, that we support many of the best online solutions available. Our team provides custom consulting to review your target audience and based on the type of shooting you do, recommend the right choice for you. Get your images seen by your intended clients, and turn those views into print sales. Best of all, is that when your clients receive their print orders, they will be astonished at the outstanding print quality produced by our lab.

See our Online Solutions, below. Review the features and benefits of each one to see that we offer the perfect fit for your needs.

Contact us at any time to describe further and to help you make the best choice to start making money!

A collections approach brings together the versatility of the digital file with the beauty and longevity of printed products to enable consumers to do what they have always done with their treasured memories:

  • Share with friends and family
  • Relive them in story form
  • Preserve them for a lifetime in keepsakes products
  • Gift and display photos

Collections, grounded in research regarding consumer purchase preferences, are a means to show the value of your expertise and provide purchase advice to help consumers properly commemorate life’s treasured moments. Offering collections is a way to start a discussion with today’s consumers – people who get married, have kids, graduations, want family portraits and more, etc. You can help them see beyond just sharing images to understand how they would like to look back on this moment years from now, and preserve it for generations to come. Technology continues to evolve and change, but there is one technology that has stood the test of time: the photographic print.

For you, this means enlightened, satisfied clients plus increased sales opportunities. KC2 is designed, featuring a collections workflow, to provide a one-stop shopping experience for professional quality photo products offered by you and Alkit.

ImageQuix Online Hosting

More than online photo sales. ImageQuix elevates professional photographers to work smarter. With a "start-to-cart" shopping experience, customers are guided through products and promotions while being encouraged to spend more along the way. Smart Emails will help to generate additional sales. 30-Day Free Trial.

LabPrints Online Hosting

LabPrints is a comprehensive software and service solution which offers an amazing Online Hosting Solution. LabPrints has a sophisticated look and style which becomes a seamless part of your website. Includes the Online Album Proofing Service to demonstrate your Digital Album Design to the client for approval.