The Timestone products are tailored very neatly to the needs of school and sports photographers, with the emphasis on speeding the workflow and eliminating logistical errors. It is a complex, modular range consisting of several production applications, each designated Neo, from which the photographer chooses the most appropriate, together with a remote photographer application: CapturePost, DataPost or OutPost, and printing applications PrintTime and RIPTime.

  • The Neo applications let you collect, arrange and match the images and data, correct the color and perform cropping, then export the images and data for the creation of portrait packages, group photos with name-under, composite photos, memory mates, trader cards, ID cards, book marks and novelty items, yearbooks, certificates, magazine covers and proof sheets.
  • CapturePost is a single-screen remote capture application designed for image capture from a tethered digital camera. It supports nearly all cameras, has barcode matching, and lets you correct subject details, add new subjects and enter order information.
  • DataPost prepares data for both CapturePost and the Neo applications and can be used in the lab or remotely. It lacks the production functions of the Neo applications, but comes with ordering and group name options.
  • OutPost is designed to be the "missing link" between photographer and laboratory, allowing photographers to design, correct, prepare packs, send to lab in a print-ready state for printing.

Alkit supports Timestone Software, and therefore accepts jobs for printing using this solution. Timestone is licensed and fully supported by them.