AlkitROES is our full-featured online ordering software designed for the advanced needs of today's digital photographer. Use AlkitROES to order custom lab printing, school & sports packages, as well as press-printed cards and specialty items such as calendars & holiday cards.

AlkitROES streamlines the ordering process. Most of our print sizes, products and services are available for direct order-placement. Visual representations of the final image are shown prior to upload to our lab. We are very proud of the great functionality we have built for use by photographers and studios. We provide 24/7 support for all software provided. 

  • Featuring an interactive home screen to quickly find what you need.

  • All new packaging options to allow single and multiple image prints in the same package.

  • A simplified and completely customizable interface to put the tools you want exactly where you need them.

  • Easy-to-use interface for Proofs, Photographic Prints, Canvas Prints, Mounting, Press-Printed Cards, Greeting Cards, Specialty Items and more.

  • SimplePhoto integrated Online Storefront.

  • Free Evaluation Prints for first time users.

ROES Designer

This powerful tool will allow you to completely modify products specified by Alkit – nodes can be moved, added, deleted, resized, or rotated and set to accept images, text, or backgrounds you would like to add! The ability to add text colors, image opacity, drop shadows and grid constraints will give you the freedom to create your own unique products.

Image strokes and fill colors can be added automatically via a color scheme and size selection window. Any new products created in AlkitROES can be stored locally for future use.

ROES Packager

The Packager allows you to define your own packages from the products offered by Alkit – perfect for studio, school, and sports pictures. Photographers can create various package groups, then create packages by dragging products from your Catalog pane into the ROES cropping pane.

The ROES cropping area is transformed into a free form package creation area. When an image is added to a package and the package is added to the order, each product in the package is added to the order. This speeds order entry for commonly offered photographer products.

ROES Records

This powerful new tool will allow you to automate the Sports, School or other mass ‘Data Sensitive’ order entry process. Records can dramatically reduce the time it takes to enter in large sports and event orders for studios that continue to send in run sheets and a CD of images. Records enables photographers to import csv or comma-delimited files with subject data and match it with individual and group images for mass ordering.

No file to import? No problem. Records also enables photographers to create rows and columns with data quickly then associate that data with customer images. Once the table is verified, the powerful Auto process can automatically build ROES products with little or no user assistance. 

Most common problems with ROES

In rare circumstances, clients have reported error messages while booting ROES. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including conflicts with Java. It is always best to ensure that you are up-to-date with System Updates. Also, Java must be up-to-date by taking the free update here. 

Click here for if you require further assistance using AlkitROES.