If you are a School, Sports, or Seniors Studio, Alkit has your formula for success. Our high-volume printing division showcases the latest technology and innovation, designed to streamline your workflow.  We offer lab-corrected printing for consistent, exquisite print quality.  We provide customized packaging and shrink-wrapped groups with studio insertions and labeling, depending on your client's needs. Our system ensures perfect organization and optimal presentation to your client. In addition, we offer a full line of Service Items such as Yearbook & Admin CD's, Service Stickers, ID Cards, Composites, and Camera Cards. We also carry Specialty items, such as FunPacks, Trader Cards, Keychains, Magnets, Memory Mates, Calendars,  and much more! We provide FREE TEMPLATES and GREEN SCREEN BACKGROUNDS.

We offer special discounted prices on packages for volume events, including Sports, Dance, Schools, etc.
Contact David Buchbinder @ (800) 285-1698 for more information.

Units - $1.50 (50 Unit Minimum)

A UNIT is an 8x10 when ordered more than 50 at a time. Unit pricing applies only to Schools, Sports and Seniors. Alkit charges a fixed price for 8x10 units, in addition to any configuration of images that fit onto an 8x10 sheet. As with our finished photographic prints, we fully correct each individual image for density and color. Our target is always healthy flesh tones with pleasing saturation and contrast.  We have vast experience with the needs of schools, sports leagues, and camps and meeting individual needs for packaging, grouping, labeling, and insertion. Speak to our Volume Printing Department so we can understand and customize to meet your needs.

Done By Alkit: Custom Order Prep.


Custom Order Preparation that meets your needs. This means that Alkit will assist you with customized entry solutions that meet your unique requirements. Need custom templates, manual data manipulation, special artwork? Alkit offers best practices to provide your studio with a competitive edge.

Package Setup $25.00
Custom Template $10.00
Per Minute
Per Job
Data Entry
Per Subject
Per Image
Per Pose

Logo Units

Personalize your unit prints by adding your own custom studio logo. Alkit provides this studio customization FREE OF CHARGE, to enhance your prints! Easy to order using AlkitROES, simply e-mail your logo to proimaging@alkit.com prior to sending your order.

Sample Unit Sheets

Sample Sports Items

We offer a huge selection of templates, magazine covers, memory mates, re-order forms and other custom designs to meet your needs.