Throughout our history, Alkit has always supported charitable organizations, both in support of the photo industry through education and scholarship, and to benefit those less fortunate.

The Alkit Family, including David and Steven Buchbinder

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis.  We support this charity with the help of family, friends, employees and vendors of Alkit.  The organization raises funds to support eduction, advocacy, research, and local programs that enhance the quality of life for people with MS and their families.

Alkit is proud, that for the past 8 years, we have been a Top-10 Fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Steven, Allison and David run to support Voices Against Brain Cancer in Central Park.

Steven, Allison and David run to support Voices Against Brain Cancer in Central Park

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is the organization of choice for those who are serious, passionate and committed to curing diabetes. Its mission – to provide the Diabetes Research Institute with the funding necessary to cure diabetes now – is a testament to the belief that tomorrow is not soon enough to cure those living with diabetes. The Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine leads the world in cure-focused research. As the largest and most comprehensive research center dedicated to curing diabetes, the DRI is aggressively working to develop a biological cure by restoring natural insulin production and normalizing blood sugar levels without imposing other risks. Researchers have already shown that diabetes can be reversed through islet transplantation, with some study patients living without the need for insulin injections for more than a decade. The Institute is now building upon these promising outcomes by developing the DRI BioHub, an integrated “mini organ” that mimics the native pancreas, containing thousands of insulin-producing cells that sense blood sugar levels and produce the precise amount of insulin needed in real time. The Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation were created for one reason – to cure diabetes – which is and will continue to be its singular focus until that goal is reached. For the millions of children and adults affected by diabetes, the Diabetes Research Institute is the best hope for a cure.