Vinyl Banners

What better way to enhance your event, than with a Premium Vinyl Banner! High-Resolution waterproof vinyl banners are produced in 7-Color onto durable 13 oz. scrim banner material with a gloss finish. The additional inks give smoother gradients, especially in flesh tones and ligh areas, and has less banding. Made from tear-resistant polyester fabric embedded between two white vinyl layers, this banner will last in demanding locations, as it has a basis weight of 450 gsm and a thickness of 16 mil. Banners are available with our without GROMMETS. Also for display work, it has a rated opacity of 95% and an excellent whiteness of 130%. You'll love the quality, especially at close viewing range!

Print Size
Banner Price
24x36 $30.00
24x48 $40.00
24x72 $60.00
24x96 $80.00
24x120 $100.00
36x48 $60.00
36x72 $90.00
36x96 $120.00
36x120 $150.00

Wall Cling

Alkit Wall Clings can be easily installed on virtually any surface. You can bleed to the edges and not worry about curl.  Our Wall Clings don't rip or wrinkle or stretch, indoors or out! Water-resistant.  They can be moved repeatedly, and will not weaken over time. Wall Clings can be removed cleanly, and will not leave any residue. Non-toxic.

Custom sizes available!

Wall Cling Size Price
8x10 $14.00
8x24 $24.00
10x24 $24.00
10x30 $25.00
11x14 $15.00
12x18 $23.00
12x24 $26.00
15x30 $30.00
16x20 $24.00
20x24 $32.00
20x30 $40.00
24x24 $40.00
24x30 $45.00
24x36 $52.00
30x40 $63.00
36x48 $73.00