We have a highly trained staff of Color Correction technicians to color correct your images. This includes adjustments for Lightness/Darkness, Red, Green, Blue, Saturation and Contrast. Each image is viewed and color corrected individually by hand.

Preparing Your Files For Printing

 It is not necessary for you to size your files, except if you intend to FTP your images. AlkitROES and LabPrints Software will upload your files to the lab in the exact perspective you wish to print.  Addiitionaly, our Proofing Tool in LabPrints has a rapid upload feature built-in!  All files must be sRGB Colorspace 8-Bit jpegs.  If you have prepared files with Photoshop, discard any extra channels and save using the highest quality jpeg.  All images sent to Alkit for printing include our exquisite Full Color-Corrections to ensure your complete satisfaction.  If you do not require our color-corrections, kindly specify No Color-Correction, (NCC,) or our ExpressProofing Service.

In-camera image capture settings should be at the highest jpeg level, and least amount of compression.  We highly recommend capturing in sRGB as opposed to converting to sRGB, post production.  We recommend custom white balance whenever possible.

Feel free to contact Customer Service for assistance with file-prep.

Photoshop Settings

Here are directions for proper setup of your Photoshop Color Settings:

  1. Open Photoshop and go to Edit > Color Settings in the menu bar.
  2. Go to Working Spaces and for RGB Files, select "sRGB IEC61966-2.1".
  3. Under Color Management Policies next to RGB, select "Convert to Working RGB".
  4. Next to Profile Mismatches, check "Ask When Opening" and "Ask When Pasting".

When you save your files, make sure to check the "Embed Color Profile" checkbox in the Save dialog box, or your working profile will not be embedded and we will not know the colorspace of your files, which could lead to innacurate color.