If you are a School, Sports, or Seniors Studio, Alkit has your formula for success.  Our high-volume printing division showcases much of our latest technology and innovation designed to streamline your workflow.  We offer lab-corrected printing for consistent, exquisite print quality.  We provide customized packaging and shrink-wrapped groups with studio insertions and labeling, per your client's needs.  This ensures perfect organization and optimal presentation to your client. 

We offer special discounted prices on packages for volume events, including Sports, Dance, Schools, etc.
Contact David Buchbinder @ (800) 285-1698 for more information.


A unit is an 8x10. Unit pricing applies only to Schools, Sports and Seniors. Alkit charges a fixed price for 8x10 units, in addition to any configuration of images that fit onto an 8x10 sheet. As with our finished photographic prints, we fully correct each individual image for density and color



Let Alkit save you time by providing our Packaging Service for your school or sports event. We are able to pack your job into individual Portrait Envelopes with an Acetate Window, by subject. We then combine and shrink-wrap each group, (class, team, etc.) We also offer customized printing for envelopes, and insertion service (for reorder forms.)

Speciality Items

In addition to our exquisite photo prints , we offer a full line of service items such as FunPacks, Trader Cards, Keychains, Magnets, Memory Mates, Calendars, ID Cards, Composites and Stickers. Our specialty products are produced in-house and conform to our strict quality standards. Click Here for more information about Specialty Items.


Yearbook & Admin CDs

We provide Yearbook and Admin CD's. Order with prints, or hold and combine after retake day. Yearbook CD's are formatted for specific yearbook companies or in the PSPA Standard. Admin CD's are formatted for office use.


Template Design and Marketing

In today's evolving School and Sports market, photographers are required to offer new customized services. Alkit is here to help with a variety of leading-edge services to help you compete and succeed. We design FREE TEMPLATES as well as CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATES. We have a huge selection of FREE Holiday and Greeting Card Templates. And, we offer discounts for Studio Samples.

Outstanding Service and Support

We succeed when you succeed. To this end, we go to extraordinary lengths to provide the highest level of customer service and technical support. We provide many convenient methods for you to contact us. Click here for assistance.