Standard retouching can be specified within AlkitROES. Exquisite facial retouching includes blemish & shine removal as well as skin smoothing. Individual work is done by our skilled artisans. Alkit's reputation is to maintain a healthy and natural look... NOT LIKE MANNEQUINS! Make your subjects look the best they can be!

Heavy retouching such as stray hair removal, braces removal, glass-glare can also be requested.

We offer special discounted prices on retouching for volume events, including Sports, Dance, Schools, etc.
Contact David Buchbinder @ (800) 285-1698 for more information.

Service Price
Standard Retouching $3.75
Heavy Retouching $8.00
Glass Glare Removal $12.00
Stray Hair Removal $12.00
Teeth Whitening $6.00
Remove Braces $12.00
Slimming $12.00 (per body)
Extend Background $25.00
Custom Retouching $75/Hour