Alkit provides the highest quality Green Screen Knockouts and Background Replacements at just $0.70 per image! Green screen photography has become essential for winning new contracts and increasing sales. It's also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods because there is no need to purchase and transport new and expensive backgrounds. Turnaround time is 48 hours. We urge all of our clients to review the Green Screen Setup Guide below, to obtain optimal images suitable for perfect knockouts.

We offer special discounted prices on green screen for volume events, including Sports, Dance, Schools, etc.
Contact David Buchbinder @ (800) 285-1698 for more information.

Knockout Service

For maximum control, the Knockout Service creates an image with background transparency that allows you to manage your own background replacement.

Green Screen Background Replacement

Using a background that you provide or one from our extensive catalog, the turnkey GSKOIR, (Green Screen Knockout with Image Replacement) solution inserts a new background while preserving fine detail.

Green Screen Background Catalog

Alkit provides a complete collection of FREE Green Screen backgrounds which can be downloaded below.

Click Here to download our Green Screen Background catalog!

Green Screen Setup Guide

To achieve optimal results, we strongly recommend review of our Photo Setup Guide.

Click Here to download our Green Screen Setup Guide!